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Well hi there!
My name is Owen Ford, I'm a fourteen year old girl, and I run this blog with my friends and family! I created HOPES to raise money for WWF (World Wildlife Fund), specifically for Siberian Tigers! Our goal is $5,000, and we're about halfway there!

Along the right sidebar you can donate, visit our Artist Commission Page, take part in the current auction, see our current total, join our mailing list and a lot more!

Thank you so much for checking us out, we really appreciate it!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oops forgot this:

For those of you who bid on the bookmark, and then e-nay suspended the account, we will have that bookmark up for auction again once this is all straightened out!

Hi Again, New Update!

Wow. Really sorry everyone! Ok, so, mom has been making some calls, and I thought you guys might like to know how it's going. We got an e-mail from WWF saying that they are ok with our site, in fact they like it alot. ( Dunno if they saw it, I think they like the idea alot. ) Mom faxed some stuff to paypal, so we are waiting on that to get this worked out. Oh, and she contacted e-bay, but no reply yet. Again, I'm very sorry for this delay. It's driving me nuts. LOL. So. We are not moving, we are staying right here. I don't know how much longer this will take though, as long as it takes for them to veiw the stuff she faxed I guess. But, having all this free time, I have been practicing drawing tiger heads. I'm still not great, but getting there. Once I'm ready, I'll get a painting done to auction. :D Thanks again everyone for all the support and for sticking with us!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Current Status:

Hi everyone! Right now, the site is under construction, But we are working to get this all straightened out! Should be fixed within a few days! In the meantime, we are either going to make a panda page o WWF or try and get this site up and running again. Email us for more info.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Apparently we forgot to contact paypal about raising money, so mom has to contact them and such. Not sure if this means if we have to hold off on accepting donations or what. So, if this causes any inconveniences, I'm really sorry. I don't know really what any of this means. :P Luckily mom does. But no worries, the money we've raised so far will stay put, nothing will happen to it. And the auction will finish. We will get this all straightened out!
( E-mail any questions or concerns and such to )

Saturday, July 26, 2008

First Auction!!!

Hi everyone!! We have our first auction going!! You can go to the link on the side, and here's the link too:

My mom made it for HOPES, and it's tiger themed with a hematite bead on one end. You can use it as a bookmark, or as a bracelt. ( I liike them as bracelet's. :) ) I could only post one picture on e-bay, so here are the other pictures:

First Mini-goal!!

We have reached our first goal of $500!!!!! By the end of today there will HOPEFULLY be two auctions going, one at least. I am making a tiger bookmark and a shark bookmark. If the shark one doesn't get done today it will tommorow. Thankyou so much everyone!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Hey everyone!! Thank you SO MUCH for all of the donations, this is so cool!! We have just passed $400 dollars!!! Only a hundred away from our first mini-goal. I just like to set mini-goals for fun. But maybe eventually every time we reach a mini goal I'll start a some kind of auction, along with whatever is running at the time. To celebrate. We have mini-goals in increments of $500, and we are coming up on our first!! Yes, I think I will do an auction to celebrate every mini-goal success. I will make a list of the things we auction, and there will be one special thing that only gets auctioned when we reach a mini-goal, so that will be the only way to get one. If you've wondered about the kinds of bookmarks we will auction, here is some info:
Hemp and embroidery jewel bookmarks, that's how my mom describes them. The 10 main themes that I will make are...
Ring-tailed Lemur

They will appear in random orders. If you are wondering how they will be animal themed, I use the four main colors of each animal, and put the same color themed beads on each end. If I don't have beads that match I use black or white.

The special edition bookmark is.......
Shark! On the ends it uses shark teeth on the ends. Real shark teeth. They're small, but real. Special edition. :D Art work will also be going to!

Questions Answered

Wow you guys!! In a day and a half, we have raised $375!!!!! Way to go everyone!! Thanks so much!!! OK, so, I've been receiving some questions, and, here are the answers:

What can we send you to auction?

You can send me anything you want for us to auction, but before I give the address I have to find out a little more about the item(s). Like, what is it, and so on. And we prefer to have the item be animal themed, since that's what we raise money for.

When might the auctions be going?

We hope pretty soon. I've been sick, so I didn't feel well enough to really draw or make a bookmark,but I feel better now, so, hopefully at least one auction going before the weekend is over.

Do you have a donation button I can use for my site?

Sadly, no, we do not. I am not sure how to make one for others to use. If anyone knows, please feel free to tell me!

Is it OK if I link you on some other sites?

Oh yes, please do! everything helps!!

Would you like some of my friends to donate their art?

Well, if you have friends who are artistic, and want to donate, then sure!! Like I said, everything helps!!!
Thank you everyone for your time, donations, and friendly comments. THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


We've already broken 200 dollars! That's how much we've gotten in ONE DAY. I can't get over it. That's just soooo cool!! Thanks you guys!! Sorry we don't have any auctions up yet, we don't really have anything to auction. But Shreve's got that covered!!! Holy cow!! ( Inside joke ) Thanks Shreve!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We are now OPEN!!!!

Hi everyone!! Welcome to HOPES. My name is Owen, and I'm a girl. I really want to raise money to help endagered animals, so, I began this. Along the right side is our sidebar, which contains lots of information. You can read more about our current goal, see some other good sites, and plenty of other stuff!! Also, along the bottom you can see the credits, and there are some links to WWF there too! You can feel free to e-mail me at If you'd like to help, you can either donate, or send the link to everyone you know, or just some friends. Anything helps us. Thanks again to all my friends and family. Thanks SO MUCH for your time!!

As another way to raise money, we auction things on E-bay. These things can range from hand drawn digital and pencil animal pictures, animal paintings, animal themed bookmarks, and more. No, not everything is animal themed, we just prefer it to be since we are raising money for animals. If you have something you'd like for us to auction, you can send it to us. As I'm 13, I have to always ask my parents before I give out the address, so you will have to contact me with some info about what the item(s) is, and such. Then I can give you the address. :D

Have some questions? Want more info? Care to donate? Contact us at:

We will reply within a day or two.

Thanks to Pyzam for the awesome Layout. Thanks to WWF for doing such a great job helping and protecting our wildlife. Thanks to all my friends and family who've helped. Thanks to MC for the name, it fits perfectly!!! The logo is (C) to HOPES, please do not steal, or re-use in any way. ( Although I couldn't draw a paw, so I heavily refferenced it, and I don't know who originally did it. ) We are a non-profit orginization. Any money HOPES earns goes to the WWF.