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Well hi there!
My name is Owen Ford, I'm a fourteen year old girl, and I run this blog with my friends and family! I created HOPES to raise money for WWF (World Wildlife Fund), specifically for Siberian Tigers! Our goal is $5,000, and we're about halfway there!

Along the right sidebar you can donate, visit our Artist Commission Page, take part in the current auction, see our current total, join our mailing list and a lot more!

Thank you so much for checking us out, we really appreciate it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Collaboration In The Works~

Hi again!

Our auction has ended... Thank you Grandma B.! There will be another animal themed bookmark up soon when my Mom gets time to finish it, so for now we've just got our commission page! So far we have not received any requests, hopefully we will soon, all three of us are very excited to get started! Charlie came up with the idea of doing a collaboration to show our unique styles in one picture, so we are each drawing a tiger to add in to one big picture! I'm not sure when it'll be done, Charlie has her part done, mine is half done and Michelle still has to start. Keep an eye out for that~

Owen, Charlie & Michelle.
P.S. We'd really like it if you left us a comment, maybe giving us some advice, anything, really! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

There's A New Artist~

Hi Everyone!

Today a new artist has joined the HOPES team, her name is Michelle Sims and she's 14! She is an amazing artist, so check out her post on the commision page:

Michelle's Art~

Or Charlie's Post...

Charlie's Info~

Or Mine...

Owen's Options~

We really can't wait to get started taking in some requests! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at

Thank you~

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Feature and Auction!!!

Hello Everyone!

I still have not gotten a reply from WWF, but that won't slow us down anymore! Just a reminder, we can still get donations, but I can't log in to the Panda Page, and I have no idea why. The actual problem is, I have only one account with WWF, and I can sign into that, but then when I try to go to my Champion Center (to edit my panda page) it tells me I need to make a Panda Page. I hope that WWF can help me straighten this out soon.

Anyway, on to the feature and auction!

My friend Charlie and I have been working for a while now on our NEW FEATURE: Artist Commissions! She and I are now open to take any requests for a drawing from one of us! Please go HERE to check it out! We each have a post listing what we can draw, how much it costs, etc. She and I both have tons of time to take requests, too, so they'll get done pretty fast! All proceeds will go to HOPES!!! There is also a permanent link on the sidebar for easy access!

We also have a wonderful new bookmark to auction, donated by my Mom! It's Elephant themed and really cool! You can go to the auction HERE , and there is a link on the sidebar, too!
Here are some pictures:

On another note, here's another really great cause that could use some help! (AKA, donations!) I volunteer for them, and they're a really great group of people! If you'd like to visit their site, go HERE , and if you might like to donate, go HERE ! It'd be great if you sent them an e-mail showing your support with some kind words~

Charlie and I can't wait to start taking some requests!

Sincerely and thank you~
Owen Ford & Charlie.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

So, here's the scoop.


Remember when I sent WWF an e-mail describing my login problem on September 15th? Well, I still have not gotten a reply. I am re-sending the e-mail again now, and really hoping for a response. If I do not get one within 5 days, I'll still start up the new feature! We can still recieve donations and I still get alerted about them through e-mail, but I can't login to the Panda Page until WWF helps me resolve the issue. I considered posting sooner but I was hopeful thinking WWF might still reply that day, or maybe the next, etc. Regaurdless of whether I can sign in or not, in 5 days the new feature will be up, and hopefully we can start an auction on that day, too!

Sincerely, Owen Ford.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Quick Update~

Hello Again!

I just got off the phone with WWF! I talked with them about not being able to log into my Panda Page, and the Fire Breaks for Tigers extraordinary gift being taken off the extraordinary gifts page. I was given an e-mail address to contact about the Panda Page and have sent them an e-mail, I'm hoping for a reply soon! After that I was transferred to someone to talk about the Amur Tiger e.g., she said that she would look into it, she said it was probably taken down since it was up for a long time, and she'd see if we could still donate to it, and if not, some other way to donate to the Amur Tiger. We'll begin auctions and our new feature as soon as I can log into the Panda Page to edit it, so all we're waiting on now is an e-mail (I hope!)!
I can't wait to unveil this new thing, my friend and I have worked very hard on it, and we're both excited to get started! Make sure to keep checking in!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Coming Oh So Soon!


I know, it's been longer than two weeks, but we have a minor set back, nothing we can't get through. It's something to do with the Panda Page, we're having difficulties logging in, but that's nothing a call to WWF won't solve, I'm sure. That will be taken care of quickly, and then we'll have our new feature up and running! My friend and I have completely finished and polished it up, it's so ready!

I can't wait until we can get some auctions and our new feature going! Make sure to check in often, it's getting close! I'll announce the day before we unveil the feature, so you can be sure to be here for it!

Thank you so much again and again for supporting HOPES as much as you all have, I know it's not been the smoothest ride, it's been a new experience for my family and I, but we're getting so close to our goal!

Owen F.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Very Important Update~

Hello to anyone who still checks in here~

I know I've been absolutely terrible at updating this site and getting things moving. I don't have an excuse, except mabye a forgetful memory, but I do want you guys to know that HOPES is not dead, and won't be, until we raise our goal.

I have been doing alot of work for HOPES lately, though I haven't posted. I wanted to make sure everything was in order before bringing people back to the site. We've transferred all of the paypal donations to the bank, and soon will be moving them to their final destination at our Panda Page!

I've also been working on a new way to get donations with the help of two of my friends. It's not finished yet, but it should be pretty soon! My Mom and I have been working on some new things to auction, and so have my cousins!

So, right now, there are not any auctions going, but there will be soon. Again, I am so sorry for not updating to let you guys know what was going on...

Owen. :)

As another way to raise money, we auction things on E-bay. These things can range from hand drawn digital and pencil animal pictures, animal paintings, animal themed bookmarks, and more. No, not everything is animal themed, we just prefer it to be since we are raising money for animals. If you have something you'd like for us to auction, you can send it to us. As I'm 13, I have to always ask my parents before I give out the address, so you will have to contact me with some info about what the item(s) is, and such. Then I can give you the address. :D

Have some questions? Want more info? Care to donate? Contact us at:

We will reply within a day or two.

Thanks to Pyzam for the awesome Layout. Thanks to WWF for doing such a great job helping and protecting our wildlife. Thanks to all my friends and family who've helped. Thanks to MC for the name, it fits perfectly!!! The logo is (C) to HOPES, please do not steal, or re-use in any way. ( Although I couldn't draw a paw, so I heavily refferenced it, and I don't know who originally did it. ) We are a non-profit orginization. Any money HOPES earns goes to the WWF.