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Well hi there!
My name is Owen Ford, I'm a fourteen year old girl, and I run this blog with my friends and family! I created HOPES to raise money for WWF (World Wildlife Fund), specifically for Siberian Tigers! Our goal is $5,000, and we're about halfway there!

Along the right sidebar you can donate, visit our Artist Commission Page, take part in the current auction, see our current total, join our mailing list and a lot more!

Thank you so much for checking us out, we really appreciate it!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Auction: The Gemsbok!!! :D

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

We have gotten the auction of the Gemsbok going, you can go to it by clicking on the picture of the gemsbok's head over on the right hand side. :)

Here is what it looks like:

Keep in mind this is a cropped version, and it is also zoomed in, so it's not the best quality picture of it. But you can see it pretty well! :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Important Updates-

Hi everyone and Happy Holidays!

Mom tried to get the auction up tonight, but E-bay was giving her alot of trouble, so, no auction yet. It IS coming very soon though! We're very busy, like most of you probably are, with the holidays. Lots of family coming in! :D

Sorry for no auction yet, I know it's been a while. There WILL be one as soon as we can get it up!
(Oh, and, I changed it where it said I'm a 13 year old girl at the top, cause I'm 14 now! My birthday was the 17th! :D )
And I took down the old auction, finally. LOL.

Goodnight everyone, it's late herre. I'll post again as soon as I can and get the auction up, too.
Thankyou, Owen

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm BAA-aaaccckkk!!!

Hi everyone! My trip was really fun, we got to go everywhere in Disney World!!! Here are some HOPES updates and such:

Congrats to aquacat13 for winning the Striped Hyena auction!!! I haven't yet added the $36.00 to the total because I like to wait until after the whole transaction is done. :)

The next auction will be the Gemsbok! My mom is working today so I am not sure if the auction will be started today, because I don't know how to start them properly. We might be able to after she gets off work... :)

Oh, and Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Important News :)

If you're wondering why I haven't posted lately it's because I wanted to leave the Hyena post up for a little while, so people could see it and see the auction. :)

Also, I will not be here from this Sunday to the next Thursday, I'm going on a trip with my grandma for my birthday! :D

I know my mom knows how to set up the auctions, but (no offense intended mom) she doesn't know how to put them here, it takes just a little bit of coding.

I am going to try and show her how to put the link at least up here for a new auction while I'm gone, but, if that doesn't work out there may not be an auction while I'm gone. :( But I'm pretty sure it will work out so no worries. :D

Thankyou; Owen

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Striped Hyena

The picture quality on Ebay is not very good, so I'll psot the full picure here, too. :)

The tail is not off the page, I just couldn't make the picture smaller to fit on the blog. Well, I could, but it wouldn't show the detail. :)

The paper it's copied onto is actually a white/light light light cream color. :)

The drawing itself is different shades of gray, because I drew it with only a graphite pencil. :)

The picture is NOT blurry, but there are small light smudges because when I was drawing I accidentally dragged my hand a few times. :)

Striped Hyena Up For Auction!!!

Hi everyone! We've put the striped hyena up for auction, so check it out! :D

You can go to the auction by clicking the picture of the hyena's head on the right sidebar. :)

Hope you guys like it, it took me a while to draw!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hurry Everyone!

Only about 3 hours left on the Happy Tree Auction!!!

After that we will then put the Striped hyena up, starting at $10!
(If you think $10 is to high to start it it at, just say so. We weren't sure what to put the starter bid at. )


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Upcoming Auction Previews

So, the next auctions are pictures I've drawn. In order they are...

1. Striped Hyena

2. Gemsbok

3. Black Rat

Here are the little preveiws of each picture!!!
(Try and guess which parts of the animal they are!)




(( Remember, these are pictures of the pictures, so they don't look as blurry as the photos of them. Also, they aren't quite so grey, they're a bit darker. On white paper. ))


Only 2 days left on the Happy Tree Auction!!!

AFter that auction we will have the Striped Hyena, then the Gemsbok, and last but not least the Black Rat!!! :D

Of course there will be more auctions after that.

We're getting close to another mini-goal of $1,500!!!

Sorry for no post yesterday, I was very busy. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Poll Results!!!

Ok, so, the poll is over and the results are...

The Striped Hyena 57.1% 4 votes

The Gemsbok 28.6% 2 votes

The Black Rat 14.3% 1 votes

That's the order of the next three auctions. Tommorow I will be posting sneak peeks at the pictures. I won't show the whole picture because that's a surprise. But I'll show you a bit of each! So make sure to check in tomorrow!!!

Thanks for voting everyone!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Hi everyone!

Currently, the Striped Hyena is in the lead!!!
I will take the poll down tommorow morning, when I get up. It is still in the same post, the one below this one. I accidentally put it in the post instead of on the on the top, and if I moved it the votes would dissapear. Oops.

Thanks for voting everyone!

As another way to raise money, we auction things on E-bay. These things can range from hand drawn digital and pencil animal pictures, animal paintings, animal themed bookmarks, and more. No, not everything is animal themed, we just prefer it to be since we are raising money for animals. If you have something you'd like for us to auction, you can send it to us. As I'm 13, I have to always ask my parents before I give out the address, so you will have to contact me with some info about what the item(s) is, and such. Then I can give you the address. :D

Have some questions? Want more info? Care to donate? Contact us at:

We will reply within a day or two.

Thanks to Pyzam for the awesome Layout. Thanks to WWF for doing such a great job helping and protecting our wildlife. Thanks to all my friends and family who've helped. Thanks to MC for the name, it fits perfectly!!! The logo is (C) to HOPES, please do not steal, or re-use in any way. ( Although I couldn't draw a paw, so I heavily refferenced it, and I don't know who originally did it. ) We are a non-profit orginization. Any money HOPES earns goes to the WWF.