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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Upcoming Auctions

Hi again everyone!

I do have three pictures I've drawn for some HOPES auctions, and we are trying to get copies made. Because I only did the pictures with a pencil and a blend tool, they don't come out great when I make copies. They either come out black and white, or, peachy-ish colored. So... We're trying to figure out how to copy them best. I'm thinking of auctioning the originals... What do you guys think about that? :)

Because I can't get it straight in my head to lift up my hand when I draw, my pictures get a little bit smudgey, so I'm sorry about that.

I've drawn:
A Black Rat
A Striped Hyena
A Gemsbok

So if you wonder why there aren't any auctions right now, that's why.


Ann from Montana said...

You might be able to get a better photo than a copy and then get a print of the photo.

It can be a little tricky but if any of your family has a digital camera, you might give that a try. About 6 years ago with a camera not near as capable as today's, I was able to help a friend get a photo of an old photo that had water damage - and then a photo shop was able to clean up the image and print a very nice photo.

I left a comment in reply to you and your Mom on the previous post -re Sarah and Karl.

Marilee said...

To add to Ann's post, you could ask a copying expert (at Kinko's or such) for the best way to do it. If you're going to auction copies rather than originals, you may want them copied onto good paper.

MrsBlogski said...

Both great ideas... our small town has a local newspaper, and we went there to get copies made, and it was a joke of a job but only set us back $1.35. We will be in the Big City on Saturday and can visit Kinko's, armed with the originals and digital photos. Owen has a digital and does quite well. I agree also that the paper will be important, something with some substance and a little texture will do nicely for the sketches. Thanks gals!

Owen F said...

Thanks everyone! I have been thinking of taking pictures too. If Kinko's can't help us then that's what we'll do! :D

As another way to raise money, we auction things on E-bay. These things can range from hand drawn digital and pencil animal pictures, animal paintings, animal themed bookmarks, and more. No, not everything is animal themed, we just prefer it to be since we are raising money for animals. If you have something you'd like for us to auction, you can send it to us. As I'm 13, I have to always ask my parents before I give out the address, so you will have to contact me with some info about what the item(s) is, and such. Then I can give you the address. :D

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