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Well hi there!
My name is Owen Ford, I'm a fourteen year old girl, and I run this blog with my friends and family! I created HOPES to raise money for WWF (World Wildlife Fund), specifically for Siberian Tigers! Our goal is $5,000, and we're about halfway there!

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Friday, October 24, 2008


I set up this site with my mom to raise money for one of my favorite species, the tiger. And man, the donations are really piling up! The tigers are really going to get some good help with this.
Thankyou everyone, so much!!!


Ioannina Life said...

Hi Owen and welcome back.

Love the tiger bookmark and looking forward to seeing what else you're making!

Good luck with everything,


Owen F said...

Thankyou very much!

PJ said...

Owen, would you like me to put up a post on my Daily City Blog about H.O.P.E.S.? I would have to work it out with you via email. Mine is:
I've spelled it that way to avoid spamming. Just use the symbols instead of the AT and DOT.Glad to see you up and running!!!!

witchwriter said...

you should look into cuz it really helped increase my traffic. what you are doing is wonderful and i wish you all the luck in the world!!!

Owen F said...

Pj: That would be awesome! I'll e-mail you now!

Witchwriter: Thankyou very much, I'll look into that!

As another way to raise money, we auction things on E-bay. These things can range from hand drawn digital and pencil animal pictures, animal paintings, animal themed bookmarks, and more. No, not everything is animal themed, we just prefer it to be since we are raising money for animals. If you have something you'd like for us to auction, you can send it to us. As I'm 13, I have to always ask my parents before I give out the address, so you will have to contact me with some info about what the item(s) is, and such. Then I can give you the address. :D

Have some questions? Want more info? Care to donate? Contact us at:

We will reply within a day or two.

Thanks to Pyzam for the awesome Layout. Thanks to WWF for doing such a great job helping and protecting our wildlife. Thanks to all my friends and family who've helped. Thanks to MC for the name, it fits perfectly!!! The logo is (C) to HOPES, please do not steal, or re-use in any way. ( Although I couldn't draw a paw, so I heavily refferenced it, and I don't know who originally did it. ) We are a non-profit orginization. Any money HOPES earns goes to the WWF.